Sonic Area – Ki – 1.2.21


sonic area. ki. cd / digital album

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01. soot spirit
02. the silent way
03. the praying mantis
04. lotus
05. gongwar feat. les tambours du bronx
06. mountains
07. blowind
08. gardens feat. hint
09. wata
10. street shadows

cover photograpy by yoann amnesy. artwork and layout by stefan alt. cd in matte 4panel digipak. release date: 1.2.21

what does ki mean in our daily lives? joy, sorrow, vigor, courage, cowardice, etc. – these are terms used in our daily life. the japanese see ki as an integral part of all of these. to them, a human being is created from ki of the universe. while he receives ki, he is alive. deprive him of ki and he dies; he loses his human shape. so long as his body is filled with ki and it pours forth with abundance, he is vigorous and filled with courage. (koichi tohei)

the album ki is all about this mysterious force, this cosmic breath, this invisible flow, this magnetic tension, this balance between elements, this metaphysical concept, that surrounds us, crosses us and unites us. it’s a respectful homage to the japanese culture, the spiritual simplicity of zen art, the bushido spirit, asian taoist philosophy, a nostalgic journey into the anime aesthetic poetry, and a search, a way for a profound inner peace. reconnecting with nature, and its fascinating ambivalence between its fragility, its beauty and also its cruelty and its omnipresent power, its perfection in imperfection, both sides, noise and silence, violence and peace exist in us all, it’s all about how you harmonize it all. expect a surprising soundtrack with huge swathes of field recordings from japan, organic warm real live instruments studio recording sessions, lush ambient soundscapes, asmr like with auditory-tactile immersive synesthesia design, deep granular basses and complex beats and the famous french romantic, which we all love so much. it’s theatrical, meditative, purified, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time and enriched with two marvelous songs featuring « les tambours du bronx » and « hint ». the complementary forces of industrial avantgarde and the atmospherics of japan interact to form a dynamic score in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

sonic area – lotus (official video)
animated by arco trauma. visuals by: maëlle cadoret, stefan alt. additional visuals by: sébastien béné le tourain (3d), neal reed (drone)


Sonic Area – VINYL 12″ LP – « Eternalism » – june 18th 2018

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SONIC AREA – Eternalism
trauma051 [LP (limited to 200) / Digital]
Release Date: June 18th 2k18

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A best of collection [2004-2018] that captures the diversity of this timeless project from Arco Trauma. Forged by the legacy of autechre, aphex twin & scorn. This release is a powerful introduction for a new listener and an essential piece for the hardcore fan.

Eternalism Is The Philosophy Of Time. It States That All Three Of Time: Past, Present And Future Are Equally Real.

Tracks 1 & 2 appears on « (Insensé) » Album – 2004
Track 3 appears on « Explore » Album – 2007
Track 4 appears on « Music For Ghosts » Album – 2012
Tracks 5 & 6 appears on « Eyes In The Sky » Album – 2016
Track 7 is Exclusive
Track 8 is an Exclusive Live Version

Thanx For Existing: Léonard, Anita, Syco, Yoann, Chris, Stefan, Audiotrauma, Ant-Zen, Family, Friends And You…

« Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. » – Oscar Wilde



Arco Trauma is now an official member of LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX


Arco Trauma (Sonic Area, Chrysalide) is now an official member (keyboards, sample, dj) of the legendary industrial french band Les Tambours Du Bronx.

« Dom : Arnaud a fait notre première partie à Strasbourg à la Laiterie avec SONIC AREA. On a découvert et moi ça m’a scotché ! Je suis resté devant, j’ai trouvé ça super. Il avait un univers très simple, esthétique, et ce qu’il envoyait aux machines était top. On a discuté un petit peu, on s’est retrouvés après le show, bu une absinthe ensemble… Et puis voilà, notre clavier est parti alors il a fallu en trouver un. Quelqu’un de disponible rapidement et qui colle à l’esprit du groupe, ce qui n’est pas toujours évident. J’ai pensé à lui et il était chaud. Il aime LES TAMBOURS, il connaissait bien et on s’était bien entendus. Il a répondu présent tout de suite. »

Sonic Area – NEW ALBUM – april 12th 2016


sonic area. eyes in the sky. cd. ant-zen act347


  1. neon tunnel drive
  2. loneliness of the phycisist
  3. dancing with clouds
  4. my stellar boat
  5. the dark secret night
  6. pale blue dot
  7. it’s about time
  8. chasing horizons
  9. the soul of a robot
  10. spooky action at a distance
  11. spacewalk incident


upc 821272217527

releasedate: 12.04.2016

created, performed, mixed and mastered by sonic area @ kawati studio (strasbourg)

artwork by yoann amnesy. front cover light painting photography by pierrot lemon

inlay card spaceship drawing by jean baptiste leduc. layout by stefan alt

‘it is good to renew one’s wonder, said the philosopher. space travel has again made children of us all.’ (ray bradbury)

4 years after the haunted and epic ‘music for ghosts’ album, sonic area returns with ‘eyes in the sky’, a release which astoundingly combines the unmistakable with the unexpected. inspired by the mysteries secretly hidden within dark nights and by classical sci-fi culture, this oeuvre is about a nostalgic cosmic space and time travel in an imaginary spherical spaceship. a metaphor of the phantasmagoric biosphere/technosphere all autists and mind explorers nowadays survive in, locked in their own imagination while drifting into the unknown. but it is also about rediscovering our inner child and simply looking up, being amazed and living a humbling experience.

‘eyes in the sky’ features eleven fully electronic vintage modular synth compositions for a stellar ride into a retro sci fi universe, passing the legacy of electronic, repetitive and minimal music originators like kraftwerk, brian eno, steve reich, terry riley, wendy carlos, tangerine dream and early autechre combined with atmospheric film scores and a dash of detroit techno. all these influences were carefully blended and processed into the distinct aural trademark sonic area is well-known for. a wide ranging space journey including calm, hypnotic and exciting phases between strict minimalism, opulent synthesized modern classical interpretations and pushing beat strokes.

theatrical, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time, ‘eyes in the sky’ is another step and another mutation of this multi-faceted enigmatic french project. this album will be released exactly 55 years after yuri gagarin started his journey as the first human into space. be invited to discover the eyes in the sky!

sonic area discography 04.2k16:

eyes in the sky. cd. ant-zen act347. 2016
we are the alchemists (w/ architect & hologram_). cd. ant-zen act335 / audiotrauma trauma028. 2015
madness & miracles. digital ep. jfx lab jfxlab003. 2013
rarities (2003-2012). digital album. ant-zen dig030. 2013
oldies (1999-2003). digital album. arcotrauma. 2012
music for ghosts. cd. ant-zen act277 / audiotrauma trauma023. 2012
phenomedia (w/ punish yourself). cd. audiotrauma trauma019 / geisha machine. 2010
[u4] (w/ muckrackers). 7′. les forces alliées lfa_003. 2008
explore. cd. audiotrauma trauma010 / les forces alliées lfa_002. 2007
(insensé). cd. audiotrauma trauma002. 2004
receptor. cd-r. audiotrauma. 2002
les crises labyrintiques. cd-r. audiotrauma. 2001
numerik. cd-r. audiotrauma. 2000
sunchase. cd-r. audiotrauma. 1998
sonic area full discography:
ant-zen. audio & visual arts · p.o. box 1257 · 93135 lappersdorf · germany · · ·

Split CD : Architect – Sonic Area – Hologram_ « We Are The Alchemists »

architect · sonic area · hologram_. we are the alchemists. cd

ant-zen act335 / audiotrauma trauma028


01. steaming the lab
02. spark the coil
03. flying books in the desert
04. solaris splendor
05. primordial soup,
06. opening the matter
07. find the light
08. talking with birds
09. a small glimpse into eternity
10. the black stone
11. solve et coagula
12. the great voyager

all music written and produced by daniel myer, arnaud coëffic (aka arco trauma) ; martin delisle. recorded in leipzig, strasbourg and tours. mastered by arco trauma at kawati studio, strasbourg. all pictures by fabien delisle. graphic postproduction and layout by stefan alt.

upc 821272216223,

release date: 25.09.2015

released in collaboration with audiotrauma.

‘listen, listen again, separate, join and then, beyond silence, beyond sight, beyond shadows, beyond nights, open the matter and also, break the egg of the ego, more than gold, more than pride, still amazed like a child, in every noise, in every beat, we all are the alchemists’alchemy is an influential tradition whose practitioners have, from antiquity, claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers. these powers can transform physical energies, but besides that, a true alchemist also has the ability to perceive the world’s essence behind its superficial appearance, and it is his challenge to use this ability for showing untaught and open-minded persons what is beyond the daily grind. three prominent and significant projects decided to discharge these powers by bundling their distinct creativity into the fascinating collaboration ‘we are the alchemists’. the title is well-considered and it conveys a certain meaning: we all could be the alchemists if we really want to. gold is all around us and it’s inside everything – let’s release our hidden capacity to stay amazed. each band’s characteristics and strengths realize their full potential in this amalgam: architect (daniel myer), sonic area (arnaud coëffic aka arco trauma) and hologram_ (martin delisle) splice a propellant multitude of powerful grooves, impulsive sequencer
lines, atmospheric soundscapes, experimental synth layers and abstract bits and pieces while adding uncommon melodies and detached piano dots. an amplitude of styles between technoid breakbeats, idm, downtempo, modern classical and ambient merge into an ambitious work of contemporary electronica suitable for both listening and dancing – truly an alchemistic hybrid fusing three individuals into one.

architect websites: &
architect full discography:
sonic area website:
sonic area full discography:
hologram_ website:
hologram_ full discography:
ant-zen. audio & visual arts · p.o. box 1257 · 93135 lappersdorf · germany · · ·

Chrysalide – New Album « This album sounds pretty visionary! » (side-line)

mind_227_-_chrysalide_-_personal_revolution - WEB 2









Chrysalide – Personal Evolution (CD Album – Dependent) OCT 2014

Genre/Influences: Industrial-electro & cross-over.

« Content: The French Chrysalide trio strikes back with a new album released by Dependent. The sound of Chrysalide always has been rather complex and hard to describe. The band from Strasbourg claims to produce ‘21th Century Industrial Music’. It’s an interesting definition, which for sure reveals one of their most noticeable influences: industrial music!

The debut part of “Personal Evolution” directly reveals an impressive production work revealing a powerful and overwhelming sound. The global sound production gives you a real vertiginous impression like the resonating sound in a cathedral! Musically Chrysalide mixes complex electro-industrial arrangements with some kind of bombast. The shadow of Skinny Puppy still traces through the work of this band, but I also have to mention the electro-industrial and distorted style of Dive plus cold sequences reminding me of The Klinik and even a kind of industrial-punkish touch à la Suicide. A few sequences also remind me of early Frontline Assembly, but in the end Chrysalide meticulously assembled all their influences to get a very own industrial-inspired sound.

Complexity doesn’t always match with accessibility and that’s probably why Chrysalide will only appeal to lovers of well-crafted and intelligent music. This production is not carried by monotonous verse – chorus patterns, but seems to focus on a kind of anarchistic sound production. The tracks have been composed by a real arsenal of sounds featuring several guitar (samples) like sounds. I can’t say that the first tracks are a bit hesitant, but the 2nd part of “Personal Evolution” definitely reveals the best cuts. “It Gets In the Blood”’ makes things really interesting. This is the kind of song that will appeal to all Skinny Puppy fans. There’s a great twist between all different sound input and a kind of tormenting atmosphere recovering this piece. The track “All demons” is one of the absolute pearls featured on the album. It sounds a bit like The Klinik meeting Skinny Puppy, but mainly symbolizes the high-tech industrial sound dimension of this opus. The last part of the album reveals other essential cuts, which sometimes feature a kind of vintage electro-industrial sound (cf. “Beside The Impossible”). “Substance Over Style” is another noticeable track for its outstanding sound treatments while here again you get the feeling it’s really hard to define Chrysalide’s sound. A last essential item about this work consists of the vocals’ production. There’s a huge diversity in the vocal lines, which sometimes are truly enraged, sometimes half sung – half spoken and sometimes a bit more into a soft approach revealing a delicious French accent.

Notice by the way that this album is also available as a DCD featuring a disc with previously unreleased tracks and mainly remixes.

Conclusion: “Personal Evolution” reveals a noticeable evolution in sound and global production. This is not the most accessible release, but definitely one I highly recommend for industrial lovers in search of something different. This album sounds pretty visionary!

Best songs: “All Demons”, “It Gets In The Blood”, “Substance Over Style”, “Keep Calm”, “Beside The Impossible”.

Rate: (DP: 8½)DP. « 

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Label: /

Nils Frahm – Sonic Area remix (« Said And Done »)

« I really like your music Nils. Especially this song. I really enjoyed to work on this remix/tribute. »

Today Nils Frahm works as an accomplished composer and producer from his Berlin-based Durton Studio. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the world. For a musician this early in his career, Frahm displays an incredibly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, catching the ear of many fans.

As the recognition continues to grow for his previous solo piano works ‘Wintermusik’ (2009) and ‘The Bells’ (2009), 2011 saw the release of his critically acclaimed record ‘Felt’. The album was followed by the solo synthesiser EP ‘Juno’ and ‘Screws’ (2012) – a birthday gift to his fans he recorded while recovering from a thumb injury. Nils released his follow up to Juno titled ‘Juno Reworked’ (2013) with guest reworks by Luke Abbott and Clark.

Now Nils returns with his new album ‘Spaces’ expressing Frahm’s love for experimentation and answering the call from his fans for a record that truly reflects what they have witnessed during his concerts.…=109913832366992

youtube link :…;