I do some mastering production for all type of music.

What is a mastering ?

It is the art, craft, science and alchemy of assembling, cleaning and optimising songs into a cohesive ensemble.

I use high-resolution professionnal analog/digital tools. There’s definitely no magic recipe. Every project is unique. There are many ways  to do a good mastering.

What am I able to do for you ?

  • Transfer, bit/sample rate conversion
  • Noise reduction
  • Equalization
  • Expanding
  • Dynamic compression
  • Track ordering
  • Spacing (pause between tracks)
  • Fades in/out, crossfades
  • Levels (volume adjustment)
  • Removing clicks
  • Remove, add, mix, or rearrange
  • Adding effects
  • Working on specicific and appropriate “touch” (depends of music style, concept and identity of the project)

Please do not send overcompressed material. (In that case, a re-mixing can be necessary)

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What about the price ?

  • MASTERING 1 track = 36€TTC
  • MASTERING 1 album (more than 10 track) = 360€TTC
  • MIXING + MASTERING 1 track = 86€TTC
  • MIXING + MASTERING 1 album (more than 10 tracks) = 860€TTC

Some of the projects and labels I work with/for :

  • Labels : Audiotrauma, Ant-Zen, Season of Mist, Dependent Records, Geisha Machine, Jarring Effects, les Forces Alliées, Itawak, Eibon Records, Cortex Records, D-Trash Records, Pflichtkauf, Ruff-Tang Records, Infekted Sound, Invasion, Hands, Nil By Mouth Recordings, Chase Records, Artoff, Rustblade, Topheth Prophet, Toxic Industries, Unknown Pleasures Records, Seventh Crow Records, Voxxov, Storming The Base…
  • Projects : Sonic Area, Chrysalide, Hint, Punish Yourself, Atonalist, Morbid Angel, Nils Frahm, Architect, Hologram_, Twinkle, Simplyd4rk, Ten Data Keshin, Le Diktat, Zenta, Baxter Lilly, Les Modules Etranges, The Ersatz, Rivkah, Mourmansk 150, Muckrackers, Zno, Gaëtan Gromer, S.h.i.z.u.k.a., Amesha Spenta, Lewsor, Le Mal Des Ardents, Republik of Screens, Private Haze, Yurodivy, Blood Of Others, A French Connection, 23:31, Chirak, Cloud Of Stone, Daidal, Noire Antidote, Exod, Ricardello, Pussy Cherie, Shake The Deaf, The Passionates …