Sonic Area – Ki – 1.2.21


sonic area. ki. cd / digital album

available on bandcamp:

01. soot spirit
02. the silent way
03. the praying mantis
04. lotus
05. gongwar feat. les tambours du bronx
06. mountains
07. blowind
08. gardens feat. hint
09. wata
10. street shadows

cover photograpy by yoann amnesy. artwork and layout by stefan alt. cd in matte 4panel digipak. release date: 1.2.21

what does ki mean in our daily lives? joy, sorrow, vigor, courage, cowardice, etc. – these are terms used in our daily life. the japanese see ki as an integral part of all of these. to them, a human being is created from ki of the universe. while he receives ki, he is alive. deprive him of ki and he dies; he loses his human shape. so long as his body is filled with ki and it pours forth with abundance, he is vigorous and filled with courage. (koichi tohei)

the album ki is all about this mysterious force, this cosmic breath, this invisible flow, this magnetic tension, this balance between elements, this metaphysical concept, that surrounds us, crosses us and unites us. it’s a respectful homage to the japanese culture, the spiritual simplicity of zen art, the bushido spirit, asian taoist philosophy, a nostalgic journey into the anime aesthetic poetry, and a search, a way for a profound inner peace. reconnecting with nature, and its fascinating ambivalence between its fragility, its beauty and also its cruelty and its omnipresent power, its perfection in imperfection, both sides, noise and silence, violence and peace exist in us all, it’s all about how you harmonize it all. expect a surprising soundtrack with huge swathes of field recordings from japan, organic warm real live instruments studio recording sessions, lush ambient soundscapes, asmr like with auditory-tactile immersive synesthesia design, deep granular basses and complex beats and the famous french romantic, which we all love so much. it’s theatrical, meditative, purified, naive, airy, steamy, euphoric and melancholic at the same time and enriched with two marvelous songs featuring « les tambours du bronx » and « hint ». the complementary forces of industrial avantgarde and the atmospherics of japan interact to form a dynamic score in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

sonic area – lotus (official video)
animated by arco trauma. visuals by: maëlle cadoret, stefan alt. additional visuals by: sébastien béné le tourain (3d), neal reed (drone)